Website redesign for celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble

  • Jonathan Barnes
In today's digital landscape, a successful website redesign goes beyond just aesthetics. It's about understanding your audience's pain points and leveraging that knowledge to enhance their experience. Our project delved into the hearts and minds of our viewers through a polling system that yielded invaluable shopping data, surpassing our email list in lead generation. This wealth of information enabled us to restructure our product listings, making them more accessible to a broader demographic. We focused on intuitive navigation, simplifying product searches by hair type, concern, and seasonal needs. Moreover, our project prioritized essential products, categorizing them for quick access. We also introduced custom collection pages, each tailored to specific hair types and concerns, offering not just products but informative content on hair care as well. This included organizing vast video content, tutorials, and how-to guides, creating a comprehensive resource for our audience. The result? An elevated web experience, personalized to meet our viewers' needs, generate traffic, and empower them with knowledge. Redesigning a website is more than a fresh look; it's about crafting an interactive journey that leaves an enduring impact.
The website revamp included improvements in navigation, with a focus on simplifying the shopping process based on hair type, hair concern, and seasonal hair care. The most frequently sought-after products and pages were prominently featured, ensuring quick access to the items customers were searching for.
We took a significant step forward by introducing dedicated funnel pages for our best-selling products, optimizing the add-to-cart and checkout process to provide a seamless shopping experience. Additionally, we incorporated a 1:1 online consultation page, a feature consistently sought after by our users through chats and inbox messaging. This enhancement now enables Kim to engage directly with her audience, addressing their individual haircut needs and inquiries, underlining the importance of listening to our audience and implementing the most valuable tools for their benefit.