Welcome! A Music Video for our Single ~ One In A Billion

  • Mateyus Winters

saqh.ink presents “One In A Billion” featuring The Dimensional Ecology Of The Omniverse by Alfred Lambremont Webre JD, MEd & The Emergence Of The Omniverse A Song by Mateyus Winters Production by [LXXMADETHIS] Jupiter symbolism ~ Planetary Consciousness Jupiter is associated with law, social order and knowledge, our teacher. It is the source of principle and expansion. Jupiter is good natured and jovial, will bring forth motivation and enthusiasm, the circus of this solar system. Jupiter is the joker in association with the deck of cards, master. Yellow Cosmic Warrior | Jupiter Universal Fractal ~ Spirit • "A gauntlet, a sabre, and a whip are lain on a stump behind a man who forcefully drags a horse." White Wizard | Jupiter Universal Fractal ~ Spirt • "A man holding a dagger between his teeth climbs walls with rope ladder." Yellow Solar Sun | Jupiter Universal Fractal ~ Spirit • "A man in armor, fully equipped and bearing a shield.” Sound Alchemy & Astrology meet Density Based Ecologies Of Consciousness & The Dimensional Ecology Of The Omniverse from - “The Chronogarchy” & “Emergence Of The Omniverse” by Alfred Lambremont Webre JD, MEd Feel free to message me as this is our time big loves wishing all well, Mateyus Winters