what3words x Airbnb

Every Airbnb in the world, from a reindeer-herder’s teepee in the wilds of Mongolia to a penthouse apartment in Barcelona, has a unique 3 word address that points guests right to its entrance. Whether you’re an Airbnb host or a seasoned traveller, always give or always ask for a 3 word address and what3words will make sure the best places to stay are always easy to find.

The Reindeer Tribe Airbnb

Zorigt and his wife Otgonbayar are reindeer herders, part of the nomadic Dukha tribe who live in the Taiga snow forest of northern Mongolia. Living a traditional nomadic lifestyle, they pack up their small family camp every few weeks and move through the forest, following the movements of their reindeer herd.

The family rarely get to meet new people, so love to host travellers, but the remoteness of the area and the constant location changes have, until recently, made it almost impossible to tell guests where to find them. Now, however, the family have listed their home on Airbnb – by using what3words.

Three words to find camp

what3words has given every 3m square in the world a unique 3 word address, providing a very simple way to talk about any precise location. The reindeer tribe’s last camp, for example, was at ///evaluate.video.nails.