Whimsical Intricacies

  • Sarah Richardson

This collection celebrates a terrible, dark beauty in uniqueness. I chose to focus on the aspect of admiration and beauty for these plants to develop a whimsical and calming mood, whilst having undertones of alluring details to translate their contrasting devious intentions. Therefore, inspired by the plants ruthless yet successful survival techniques, I created a collection of repeat prints to portray a sense of continuous growth as if the designs were actively blooming. To further develop the aspect of storytelling within my designs, I collaged together my imagery of unusual plants to build my own metamorphosed ‘monsters of the natural world’, which I then used as decorative and intricate motifs that provoke a sense of enchantment. The printed textiles have been developed digitally while retaining hand-drawn qualities and a lively variety of marks within organic compositions. Additionally, the colour palette was chosen to create a tranquil mood through the soft pastels, yet provoke an exciting and expressive aesthetic through the pops of neons and bolder colours. The imagery and use of colour are collectively designed to create an overall unique and intriguing visual story. From the expressive to the precise details, this playful take on storytelling through motifs, almost acting as characters in a decorative display, represents the carnivorous plants visual role in the natural world as they stand tall against their competitors, almost as if they are the couture species of the plant world. Overall, my designs aim to take on playful narratives that allow for delicate yet exciting prints for the home. This is achieved through the prints unique balance of moods; from its sense of tranquillity as a result of the natural forms and tones, to an inspiring aesthetic through the glimmers of dynamic colours and energy found within each composition.