Why does Muslim follow the Lunar Calendar?

  • Adnan Ijaz

All over the world, people use two different kinds of calendars and date systems.

All over the world, people use two different kinds of calendars and date systems. One is called the solar calendar or the British calendar, and the other is called the Islamic calendar or the lunar calendar. The solar calendar is based on how the sun moves, and each month always falls in the same season for that location. The lunar calendar, on the other hand, is based on how the moon moves and changes, and the days are not fixed. According to the lunar calendar Ramadan is the best month to avail Islamic travel Unbeatable Umrah Packages.

Muslims all over the world use the solar calendar because everything in the world revolves around the sun. But they have to use the lunar calendar for their holidays and religious events. The next thing to think about is why Muslims use the lunar calendar. The moon's calendar is about 11 days shorter than the sun's calendar. The total number of days on the solar calendar is 365, while the total number of days on the lunar calendar is 354. In both the solar and lunar calendars, most months have 30 days. So, every year, the month on the lunar calendar comes 11 days before the same month on the solar calendar. In about 33 lunar years, a person will go through all the seasons of one lunar month. As a Muslim, all of your religious events are based on the lunar calendar, so it is an important part of the system.

Muslims use the lunar calendar because it helps them keep track of the Islamic months. During these months, Muslims have to do certain religious tasks. For example, neither the Georgian calendar nor the solar calendar has a set time for Ramadan or Hajj. The Islamic months were based on the lunar calendar, so each year they fall in a different month of the Georgian calendar. But if we use the Georgian calendar, December and January will always come in the winter, and June and July will always come in the summer. Aside from changes in the weather, these months will never switch places, or we can say that December will never come in the summer.

Muslims pay a lot of attention to Ramadan and Hajj, which are two of the most important religious events. The months of Zilhajj and Ramadhan are not tied to a certain season on the lunar calendar. One year, Ramadan can happen in the winter, and ten years later, it can be celebrated in the fall. Every year, there is usually a difference of 10 to 12 days, which means that Ramadan comes 10 days earlier than it did the year before.

So, Muslims all over the world get to celebrate each Islamic holiday, like Eid, Ramadan, and Hajj, at different times of the year. Some religious holidays are easy to celebrate and easy to enjoy, but sometimes it's hard to do so. This doesn't bother Muslims, though, because all they do is follow the command of the one who made them. For example, having Ramadan in the winter is a good thing because it is easier to fast in the winter because it is cold and you don't have to drink as much water. But if Ramadan comes in the summer, as it will this year, it's hard to fast because the days are long and you're thirsty.

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