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A potential customer is at one of the following stages of the Buyer Journey when they visit your Facebook page. The following is a simplified explanation of The Buyer Journey:
Phase of awareness: where a customer realizes they have a problem that needs to be solved My company’s paperwork is a mess. Perhaps I should hire a bookkeeper to regularly update all of my accounts?
Phase of consideration: where a buyer has identified their issue and is looking into possible solutions. Example: There are so many bookkeepers in my area; which one is most suitable for my requirements? Maybe I could just do it myself and use a different accounting software instead?

Phase of decision: Your customer selects a solution, which, hopefully, is one that your company offers. Example: I will learn how to use a new accounting software program on my own. At smmseoservice.com, I found the best product for me. The post-purchase stage, in which a buyer can leave a review online or give feedback on a product or service they have used, can also result in repeat business.

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