Why not?

  • Robin MoonEye

You ask why, I ask why not, why not do that? You see a drawing of a burger, you aknowledge it, you say “ok cool drawing of a burger” and you go on with your life. You see a drawing of a burger of an eye and you spend at least 5 seconds wondering why the heck there is an eye on a burger. That’s what I want you to do, when you see my drawings. I want you to wonder why. To start thinking, to make your brain start working to come out with a possible reason, even for a moment. Because wondering why is the most human thing we can do. Ever since we are kids, we ask our parents why things are the way they are. And we do until we die. We are curious, it’s in our nature. But what do we do when we find ourself in front of “why not” as an answer? We didn’t consider that, did we? We start to think “yea, why not?”. But does it answer our question? Or it creates more and more questions?