Woebot Redesign: A Project in Voice-Bot-Therapy

  • Grzesiek Antkowicz
  • Maty Kay

Redesign of popular mental health app for student's dissertation.

A friend of mine, studying at Kingston University, needed some help with redesigning popular mental health app for her dissertation. She needed a working prototype to conduct several user testing and research. I was involved in the design aspect of her work.

*** DISCLAIMER: This is a student project. Therefore, neither the student (Matylda Kaczmarska) nor Kingston University makes any warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the data nor conclusion of the work performed in the project and will not be held responsible for any consequences arising out of any inaccuracies or omissions therein. ***

We started with basic lo-fi wireframes. Decision was made to present those on a mobile phone to give a better feel of how much space each element would take on the screen. For that purpose we used Adobe XD, which proved to be a really good choice when collaborating on projects such as this one. After first testing it was concluded that people prefer simple UI, with no additional boxes. At that point we started experimenting with different ideas for homepage design.
Eventually, we ended up with a grid of user's favourite emojis, each representing different moods. Logging user's mood works by dragging relevant emoji to the (+) area at the bottom part of the screen.
Link to the final prototype available on Adobe XD website