Yibao Liang: A Fable of the Planet I & II

  • Steven Leung
  • Michael Morgan
  • Emily Morgan

A Fable of the Planet I & II is a series of artworks that encapsulate a virtual history of a planet, inviting deep contemplation on the climate crisis. It comprises tangible artwork, video art, and photography, each contributing to a profound narrative. In the annals of history, every civilization stands as a mere blip. Imagine a civilization that, in its pursuit of progress, disregards the preservation of its planetary home. Such a course would invite nature's merciless retribution, ultimately obliterating all traces of that civilization. For in the grand tapestry of this planet's history, civilizations come and go, and the planet, ever resilient, embarks upon a new chapter. Were this cautionary tale widely known, I daresay people would bestow greater reverence upon the very planet that sustains us, cherishing and safeguarding our own existence. The second iteration of A Fable of the Planet is a physical book model that allows the audience to intimately experience the destruction and rebirth of the planet. For A Fable of the Planet I A Fable of the Planet I is the inaugural instalment of this series of works. In this rendition, I embarked on a thought-provoking journey by crafting a planet and subsequently reducing it to ashes, symbolically portraying the dire consequences of global warming. This evocative representation serves as a poignant catalyst for introspection among the masses, compelling them to confront the pressing issues surrounding climate change. Following the planet's devastating demise, I planted its remnants alongside seeds in the fertile soil, thereby signifying the potential for rebirth and the emergence of a new era. This powerful symbolism underscores the fragility and transience of civilizations, ultimately emphasizing their inherent inadequacy in the grand scheme of existence. To bring this artistic vision to life, I employed a diverse array of materials, including plastic, clays, catnip, and soil, among others. These carefully chosen mediums imbue the artwork with a tangible and multisensory experience, further captivating the audience and fostering a deeper connection with the underlying message. For A Fable of the Planet II A Fable of the Planet II represents a captivating continuation of this series. In this second version, I have chosen to incorporate artificial moss instead of real plants, allowing for greater flexibility and ensuring a long-lasting display. This deliberate choice provides viewers with the opportunity to closely examine the intricate details, creating a more immersive and engaging experience. The book-like appearance further emphasizes the fable-like nature of this artwork. To bring this imaginative vision to life, I have carefully selected a range of materials, including a recycled paper box, clays, artificial moss, soil, and white glue, among others. Each material has been thoughtfully chosen to harmonize with the overall theme and create a sense of authenticity and depth. The production method used is the same as in the previous generation. Together, A Fable of the Planet I and A Fable of the Planet II weave a thought-provoking narrative that invites viewers to contemplate the plight of our planet and the transient nature of civilizations. Through the juxtaposition of destruction and rebirth, my aim is to inspire a collective sense of responsibility towards the environment and foster a renewed appreciation for the delicate beauty of our world. Bio I am a London-based Artist and Creator who graduated from the University of the Arts London with a Master's degree in Design for Social Innovation and Sustainable Futures. I also have a Bachelor's degree in the Art of Digital Media (Interactive Design pathway). A major goal for me is to make meaningful creations for society, trusting that continuing to create and innovate will make the world a better place. I enjoy exploring and experiencing different jobs and lifestyles. To build a better future, I believe that people should remain curious about all fields and strive to become lifelong learners. Instagram: @lscnm Website: stevenleung.art

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