Yinka Ilori x miadidas: I think sometimes it’s quite good to be niche

  • Yinka Ilori
Yinka Ilori is a unique creative soul who marches to his own beat. His work blends past and present, form and function and his British and Nigerian heritage. It speaks to the head and the heart, capturing the essence of what it means to make your own way in the world. In collaboration with miadidas, we dropped by his London studio to meet the man and delve into his mind…
Some artists immediately fall in love with their medium. Others, not so much. When Yinka Ilori’s art school tutors set him a brief based on chairs, he wasn’t exactly hooked.
“At the time, it didn't sound exciting,” he recalls. “Why are we sourcing old furniture, what's that about? But the deeper I got into the project and understood the power of chairs – the narratives you can find in these objects – I absolutely fell in love.”
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