• Marianna Michael
  • Hayley Jo Violett
  • Eddy Smith
  • Carla Peterson
  • Andreas Reusser

In addition to the everyday pressure of been enough, when you lose someone to suicide you can be left feeling like you weren’t enough. Suicide loss can make you feel like you weren’t enough; enough to help the person you lost or even save them. We want to tell people that this isn’t true, they were not responsible and any feelings of guilt and low self-worth are not theirs to carry. We want to remind people that you are enough, and sometimes a physical reminder to reiterate this is the best approach. This campaign revolves around a sweatshirt where the individual wearing the sweatshirt will be given the message of ( I ) AM . ENOUGH when they look in the mirror, with the message of ( YOU ) ARE . ENOUGH on the back of the sweatshirt. This means that the individual wearing it not only is reminding them self of this notion but is able to give the gift of self-confidence to anyone who sees them. Together we are strong enough; loud enough; bold enough; supportive enough to change the silence surrounding suicide-related grief!