Your Face Says It All

  • Helen Williamson

"Your Face Says It All" - a new Specialist Factual series, giving unparalleled insight into our greatest defining feature – The Face. With a combination of cutting-edge science, innovative graphics and personal testimony, this genre-busting series will show you the human face as it's never been seen before. The three programmes explore how our faces change with age, what makes a face beautiful and inspires sexual attraction and finally how your face affects your life. Acting Specialist Factual Commissioning Editor Tom Porter says, "This is a different and very exciting way of tackling mainstream science. We're really excited by the blend of a cast of high profile faces and cutting edge imagery and how it will allow viewers to better understand their most important feature." Jonathan Hewes, Pioneer CEO, says, "This series is packed with thought-provoking science, from evolutionary biology to neuroscience, psychology to physiology, and we hope that the mix of fascinating content with celebrities and computer graphics will mean you never look at your face – or other people’s faces – in the same way again."