Yungblud: Backwards

  • George O'Reilly
  • Gary Knox

London based Devonian director, George O'Reilly, is a graduate of METFilm School and already has a number of acclaimed films under his belt. In this brilliant documentary with Yungblud, George encapsulated everything Sound Bites Studios stands for. With 24-hours notice, we quickly briefed him and sent him out with a camera and a two-hour window to get something in the can. The pair hit it off and ended up hanging out for the whole day, exploring west London at their leisure, even turning up at a recording studio unannounced and blagging their way into a booth. Through their bonding, Yungblud was able to open up and convey his thoughts, anxieties and values in a more natural and authentic way, which George brought to life with a beautiful edit.

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