• amy angold
BOO was commissioned by zubrówka to come up with an immersive installation at this years Wilderness festival. Adding to the magic of the Tipi we crated a sensory experience for all who entered the zubrówka Den. We created an abstract interpretation of an apple tree right in the centre. This was made up of different mobile clusters each cladded in 3D paper creatures which were all hand cut then brought to life. These were then hung at different heights to give the tree real depth.

We also created a bespoke back of bar made from apple crates which was used as the main display for the zubrówka vodka bottles and additional oddities which brought the brand story to life.Vodka enthusiasts were able to sample zubrówka neat with the brand ambassadors on hand to explore fruit pairings and explain the brand’s history.

In addition to the live entertainment and activities the zubrówka Den had to offer during the festival we held a free bison mask making workshops to get festival-goers ready for Wilderness’ late night revelry.