Claire Pettifor

Claire Pettifor

Illustrator & Digital DesignerAmsterdam, Netherlands
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Claire Pettifor

Claire Pettifor

Illustrator & Digital DesignerAmsterdam, Netherlands
About me
Hi - I'm Claire, a collaborative and adaptable designer illustrator with 20+ years of experience advocating for customers and helping humanise brands, one connection at a time. Life can be a little overwhelming at times, so I like my illustrations to make people smile, and offer a playful perspective. My characters are inspired by the people around me, family life, and those small, seemingly insignificant moments that stick in your memory. My happy place is when I'm collaborating with a small multi-disciplinary team to creatively solve a problem. I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to connect.
  • Love 'n Life
    Love 'n LifeThey say love makes the world go round. I believe at the centre of that is self-love — when you have unconditional acceptance of who you are warts and all, you’ll treat yourself and others with more kindness, helping you build more meaningful relationships.
  • Mindset for business growth
    Mindset for business growthI read Carol Dweck's book 'Mindset: The new psychology of success' many moons ago. It showed me how — by consciously adjusting my perspective — I can positively affect my response to a situation. Looking through the lens of a growth mindset helps me recognise opportunities in challenges, and makes me more open to trying new things. When I read Lifehack's article about 'How to develop a growth mindset for business growth', I wanted to tell the story of how a business leader's growth mindset can
  • Keep your startup afloat
    Keep your startup afloatSelf-initiated conceptual hero illustration.
  • Is tech affecting our development?
    Is tech affecting our development?Self-initiated editorial illustration project inspired by a Walden University article.
  • The Tokenist Art Collective
    The Tokenist Art CollectiveI collaborated with the Tokenist Art Collective team to create a set of portraits representing innovative visual artists, for the first ever combined PFP and Land NFT project. The project supports charities and selected artists who want to use art to raise funds. Central to the brief was that the portraits were inclusive and diverse. The 'Tokenist' portraits are unique characters with the combined features of your favourite artists, from great historical masters to modern icons. Each Tokenis
  • On Yer Bike
    On Yer BikeSelf-initiated project. I recently moved with my family from London to Amsterdam. I never learned to ride a bike as a kid and see balancing on two wheels as a significant challenge! I'm now learning, but I'm still very, very wobbly. So the cycling culture here is inspiring. In the Netherlands, cycling is second-nature. Everything from moving house to ferrying a family of three kids is done on a bike. So when you see children standing on the back of a bike - without a helmet in sight - it looks
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Work history
    Digital designer and illustratorCollege of Policing
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    My role as a Digital Learning Designer was to tap into what keeps an adult student motivated and inspire them to learn. I collaborated closely with multi-disciplinary teams to create accessible, engaging online training solutions and job aids that supported the learners’ needs. I specialised in UI/UX design, with the goal of making the learning experience as easy and memorable as possible. As an illustrator, the focus was on translating complex ideas and processes into visuals that were memorable and easy to understand for the many users who suffered from cognitive impairments, such as dyslexia.
  • Illustration
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Freehand Sketching
  • Accessibility
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Adobe Create Suite
  • User-centered Design
    User Experience DesignGeneral Assembly London
     - London, United Kingdom
    BA Fine ArtUniversity of the Witwatersrand
     - Johannesburg, South Africa
    Majored in Painting and Art History