Is tech affecting our development?

  • Claire Pettifor

Self-initiated editorial illustration project inspired by a Walden University article.

The article talks about how the rapid progression of the internet and digital technology over the last few decades has changed many areas of our lives, even down to how our brains are developing. And it got me thinking about how I can show the impact the constant tech input is having on our physical and psychological evolution.
Create a set of conceptual illustrations for an article written by Walden University to show how modern technology has changed 4 key areas of our development - attention, relationship building, decision-making, and memory.
Concept thumbnail sketches created in Procreate
Technology undoubtedly makes our lives easier. But it also creates a distance between ourselves and our real lives. Having digital input available 24/7 can be both beneficial and detrimental to how we engage with the real world. I wanted the characters to show this contrast - to be relatable and friendly, but still feel slightly disengaged from the viewer.
How modern technology is affecting our development

RELATIONSHIPS - Text messaging and social media have changed how we build and maintain relationships

MEMORY - Our reliance on the internet has decreased our ability to easily retain facts. But it has improved our ability to remember where and how to locate information

DECISION-MAKING - The plethora of instant information and data available on the internet means we no longer rely on gut instinct. Instead, we can gather knowledge to make informed decisions

ATTENTION - The increase in options for distraction - and having smartphones at our fingertips - has shortened our attention span.

The complete Walden University article is available here.