James Sexton

James Sexton

Creative Director, CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
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James Sexton

James Sexton

Creative Director, CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hello, I’m an integrated Copywriter and Creative Director who’s passionate about big ideas that engage and persuade. Ideas that embrace data and technology to drive innovation and insights. I've a proven track record of winning awards at every major advertising festival, as well as new business pitches. Recent highlights include winning back-to-back gold DMA awards (2016, 2017, 2018) for a diverse range of clients. I apply my understanding and experience to create work that works, achieving business results for brands. In my Creative Director role, I manage business, creative and design teams to my same high standards. If you have a project you'd like to talk about please get in touch through my website or LinkedIn.
    IBM RAISE THE GAMEIBM is famous for providing its Watson Artificial Intelligence to the Wimbledon tennis tournament. But we sought to do something completely different and give Watson the ultimate test. We wondered if it could help a struggling, grassroots football team up its game. Over the course of the 2018/19 season we documented what happened at Leatherhead FC to see if it could change their fortunes. Because if AI can help this team raise their game it can help any team raise their game.
  • British Gas Global Warming
    British Gas Global WarmingNot many people are aware that older boilers are inefficient, expensive to run and one of the biggest contributors of domestic CO2 emissions. These gases are one of the biggest causes of global warming. We created a hi-impact campaign that involved placing room thermostats outdoors on trees and posts along with radiator valves on street railings. A web address directed people to a British Gas energy saving landing page where they could find out how to replace their boiler for an energy efficient
  • UK Export Finance Exporters' Edge
    UK Export Finance Exporters' EdgeMore UK companies want to export than ever before. And more countries want our products. But a great product is only half the story. To be really competitive a business needs strong financial backing. That’s where UK Export Finance comes in. They work alongside the Department for International Trade to make sure companies win contracts, fulfil contracts and get paid. To bring this to life across multiple channels, including online, email and events we created The Exporters’ Edge.
  • Philips Breathless Choir
    Philips Breathless ChoirWorking with Ogilvy we brought The Breathless Choir to life in social media, targeted banners and through the Philips Living Labs website. A series of films told the remarkable story of a group of people with one thing in common: every breath is a battle. With the help of world-renowned choirmaster Gareth Malone and the Philips SimplyGo Mini Oxygen Concentrator, eighteen people with breathing conditions were taught to do something incredible: learn to sing. We took the story of the Choir and spr
  • BT Sport Pub Signs
    BT Sport Pub SignsBT Sport won the exclusive rights to show UEFA Champions League in pubs. We wanted to create a buzz around this big news. So we installed football inspired pub signs for real at pubs up and down the country in the run up to Champions League matches. New pub signs were installed in Godalming, Surrey. Cardiff, Wales. Stoke Newington, London and Bishop Monkton, North Yorkshire. The signs stayed up ranging from a few days to a few weeks, along with a different pub sign appearing each week in the tra
  • Boots Hearingcare Turn Up The Things You Love
    Boots Hearingcare Turn Up The Things You LovePeople 50+ are often reluctant to book themselves in for a hearing test because of a number of barriers such as fear of feeling old, denial of the problem and negative perceptions of hearing aids. Most especially, scepticism around the capacity of hearing aids to help is a barrier. We came up with 'Turn up the things you love' to create a positive, relatable and empowering campaign for Boots Hearingcare, befitting the brand tone of voice. The TV ad uses clever sound design, a volume graphic and
Projects credited in
  • Dishoom - The Dishoom Story Plates
    Dishoom - The Dishoom Story PlatesUsing social and content to launch a restaurant is nothing new. But doing it on bone china is. Bombay style cafe Dishoom have taken the adage 'go where the community is' to it's logical conclusion and shared diners stories and experiences on the restaurant’s plates. Inspired by the food and narratives, new customers can add their own stories and then return another day to see their plate doing the rounds. Like all the best social ideas, Dishoom’s fans have made it their own with one romantic
  • Inmarsat Connected Air
    Inmarsat Connected AirAn augumented reality exhibition for the global launch of GX Aviation in Singapore
  • Co op- Doing the right thing
    Co op- Doing the right thingThere are some people in life who always try to do the right thing. Those who’d rather drive around a puddle in the road than give pedestrians a soaking or are considerate enough not to wake the neighbours with a power saw. And just like these people, when it comes to insurance, The Co-operative tries to do the right thing too. From keeping call centres in the UK, to creating home and motor insurance policies that do what’s right by their customers. That’s because people who try to do the right thing want insurance that does too. The DRTV ads use the music track ‘Spread a little happiness’ to help accentuate the little actions that have an impact on others. This campaign represents much more than an acquisition drive, it is setting the foundations for the product, service and experience expectations that Co-op has in the way they do business. ‘Doing the right thing’ is part of the Co-op’s DNA.
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