Co op- Doing the right thing

  • James Sexton
There are some people in life who always try to do the right thing.

Those who’d rather drive around a puddle in the road than give pedestrians a soaking or are considerate enough not to wake the neighbours with a power saw.

And just like these people, when it comes to insurance, The Co-operative tries to do the right thing too. From keeping call centres in the UK, to creating home and motor insurance policies that do what’s right by their customers. That’s because people who try to do the right thing want insurance that does too.

The DRTV ads use the music track ‘Spread a little happiness’ to help accentuate the little actions that have an impact on others.

This campaign represents much more than an acquisition drive, it is setting the foundations for the product, service and experience expectations that Co-op has in the way they do business. ‘Doing the right thing’ is part of the Co-op’s DNA.