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Mitch Walker

Senior Product DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Mitch Walker

Senior Product DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
Projects credited in
  • Hostmaker Lite - From an idea to an MVPAfter a thorough analysis of our customer's demands, Hostmaker decided to expand its range of product offerings and created a new listing management service. In order to prevent expensive product development based on insights and assumptions, Hostmaker decided to launch it as an MVP. In terms of branding, and after some debates, we decided to brand the product using a Hostmaker sub-brand to enhance Hostmaker trustworthiness but simultaneously, keeping the brand "autonomy"
  • Hostmaker Brand Evolution I - From a mascot-centric identity to a strong and scalable brandTo evolve alongside our stakeholders and the business needs, and although we really love our Sir P John mascot, we needed to go beyond our mascot-centric brand and update it to a more approachable, relatable and reachable brand. To do so, we redefined our brand essence and rethink the core brand elements that make our brand stand out and recognisable.
  • Stayy with Hostmaker - More than a guest-ready brandDevelopment of Stayy with Hostmaker brand strategy and visual identity, the Hostmaker's home-sharing booking platform. A unique booking platform as guests can book for any length of stay in our homes - short, mid and long.
  • Hostmaker Chat for agents and Frontline membersThis project was born out of the need to have a well-integrated tool to communicate between the frontline staff members and the agents of Operations (OPS) and Guest Relations (GR) departments. At that moment, the team members were communicating using Whatsapp as the main tool: there was no established procedure for communications and no automatic way to track the chats and the reported issues.
  • Hostmaker Dashboard - Creating a flexible onboarding platformReverse-engineer Hostmaker Onboarding process, rethink it as a better experience for their players (clients and employees) and create a new journey, thanks to an optimized platform.