Hostmaker Chat for agents and Frontline members

This project was born out of the need to have a well-integrated tool to communicate between the frontline staff members and the agents of Operations (OPS) and Guest Relations (GR) departments. At that moment, the team members were communicating using Whatsapp as the main tool: there was no established procedure for communications and no automatic way to track the chats and the reported issues.

Research methodology Kick-off: we interviewed the OPS and GR agents to understand which kind of communications they have with members of the frontline and the challenges they have to deal with to solve the issues. We gathered some insights that allowed us to define a few user cases and proceed to design the main user workflow and wireframes.
User Cases
  • Allow frontline staff members to start a chat from within the app
  • Allow OPS/GR to reach out to a frontline team member
  • Frontline staff member will be able to select what their query is about so that the OPS/GR has context
  • OPS/GR can add people into the chat to create a group chat
  • Once issue is resolved OPS/GR can mark the chat as resolved
  • Frontline staff will be able to see a history of the chats they were involved in
  • OPS/GR can create a zendesk ticket off the back of a chat if something needs to be followed up
  • OPS/GR can transfer ownership of chat to each other.
The wireframes were tested for usability with the members of the different teams. The general reception was very positive and we could take important insights that would define the final interface.

High-Resolution Interfaces

User: OPS and GR agents - Touchpoint: Desktop platform
The agent is able to add anyone across all the teams to a specific chat. If that property has already been assigned to a member of the Frontline, they’ll appear as suggestions.
OPS and GR agents can also create new chats.
Once the agents consider the issue resolved, they have the option to close it and archive it. If the issue needs to be reviewed by other stakeholders, there is the possibility to connect it with Zendesk or to transfer its ownership.
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User: Frontline members - Touchpoint: Mobile version
The Frontline member has a section with the history of issues always available.
The Frontline member is able to start a new chat: he has to specify the reason for the chat and depending on this reason, the chat will be assigned to either the GR or OPS department.

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