Hostmaker Lite - From an idea to an MVP

  • Mitch Walker
  • Núria Monmany
  • Carmen De Marco
  • Ariadna Romeu

After a thorough analysis of our customer's demands, Hostmaker decided to expand its range of product offerings and created a new listing management service. In order to prevent expensive product development based on insights and assumptions, Hostmaker decided to launch it as an MVP. In terms of branding, and after some debates, we decided to brand the product using a Hostmaker sub-brand to enhance Hostmaker trustworthiness but simultaneously, keeping the brand "autonomy"

In the last few years, Hostmaker received interest from areas and locations where the business didn't have presence, and from small-mid operators that were already handling operations on their own, but looking for support on the listing side.

Building a product
With that in mind, and with previous research, Hostmaker decided to take advantage and develop a new product to match their needs. It provided calendar management and property listing services, like listing optimisation, pricing management, payments collection, etc.
Allowing Hostmaker to expand the service geographically - extending the service outside the main urban areas and to zones where we were not based - and to reach a new audience/demographic, supporting hosts or operators that wanted to manage the operations by themselves.
Branding Development
After exploring potential naimings (DIY, etc), we finally went for Hostmaker Lite.
As the brand had to keep consistency with the Hostmaker brand, while being different, we incorporated new visual elements (orange colour), and treatments (outlined illustration). We also adapted to a more digital-driven identity, due to the digital nature of the service.
Let’s validate the interest - The campaign
To validate the product interest with limited time, we decided to develop a quick digital marketing campaign. The chosen media mix was emailing - to reach potential hosts-, and Facebook ads - to expand its awareness.
As the campaign objective was to showcase the product to get users interest, we need to quickly create a prototype of how the "Rental Management App" could look like. We developed using the new branding and using current publish flow and host dashboard features.
Focusing the visual campaign on the product, we emphasized the benefits that the product would have for their users, on the copy; "No matter where you are, from our App, you can manage your home one click away from anywhere at any time from your mobile device. You need our App, housekeeping, and a lockbox, or even that. Hostmaker Lite, all Hostmaker expertise in an App."
In terms of art direction, we beat for a fresh, cheerful but professional aesthetic, escaping from our competitors "techy" look & feel. We played with vivid colours and geometric shapes, adding some dynamism.
The design team's ability to move the project quickly and develop it in a matter of weeks - was incredible. As the MVP was successful, the product offer was integrated on the main business offer and rebranded accordingly.