Hostmaker Modular Landing Pages

The goal was to create a versatile modular system that would allow the marketing team to plan the landing pages they need for each campaign, with responsive modules designed for each case. This modular system would require minimum effort from production and faster delivery times.

The first landing pages developed in Hostmaker for specific campaigns had very good results in terms of traffic. So, the team needed to be more flexible in the production of landing pages and include different ones in more campaigns. We needed to be faster in planning, production and modification.
In order to make this process more sustainable, Development would create an intranet where any user could build their landing page using different modules without any knowledge about coding. Design’s job was to guarantee that there were modules enough for any type of content, perfectly customisable, responsive, possible to position in different parts of the layout without breaking it. Apart from this, Design should limit the use of these modules in order to keep usability best practices.
There was a first benchmarking investigation, focused on competitors and references from other industries. We resumed best practices, presented it to stakeholders and translated it to wireframes.
We collected the different types of modules we found during the investigation, asked for module proposals from marketing and content, and started creating a collection. These modules were completed using our design system.
The wireframes were presented as flexible: there was a communication piece for internal use that explained in which case we should use each one of the modules.
Final Landing pages