Hostmaker Brand Evolution I - From a mascot-centric identity to a strong and scalable brand

To evolve alongside our stakeholders and the business needs, and although we really love our Sir P John mascot, we needed to go beyond our mascot-centric brand and update it to a more approachable, relatable and reachable brand. To do so, we redefined our brand essence and rethink the core brand elements that make our brand stand out and recognisable.

Getting bigger as a business, but wanting to remain true to our essence, we started working around the "corporate disruptiveness" creative concept across all brand touchpoints. We limited the use of our mascot for our employees brand, and strengthen the function of our colours, to keep Hostmaker recognisable and memorable.
We focus on our main turquoise -adding different shades of teal - and a selected palette of grey. We also developed a UI-friendly palette -confirmation (green), warning (yellow), error (red), information (blue), finding the right, vibrant, saturation that matches our brand colour.
In terms of art direction, and to transmit that we as a business make big things with less, we established a "tasteful simplicity" style approach, keeping our vibrant colour palette, Montserrat- a modern sans serif typeface- as the main font, and simple shapes and no shades or texture on our illustrations.
We applied it to all our brand elements, defining a coordinated illustration set and an updated layout system for all our media. Each illustration was designed to be easily adapted to our main backgrounds (dark grey, white, turquoise) playing with full-colour shapes and line arts.
Regarding the typography, we chose Montserrat a google font created by Julieta Ulanovsky, for its excellent legibility - it adapts perfectly to digital but also on offline environments, and aesthetics, that recalls the urban typography that emerged in the first half of the twentieth century, adding a modern twist.
We continued bringing the brand to the next step defining Hostmaker's design principles and developing a flexible design system.