Anyone have any insight or tips on how to craft a strong personal brand?


  • We need to treat personal brands like human beings. They have emotions, going front-back-left-center-right at you. The foundations of the brand comes through the relationship you have with the brand and it starts by cultivating meaningful experiences. That's because most people would not focus on designing experiences from the onset. So you humanised those experience because a humanised experience = nostalgia and nostaligia sells.
  • What do you have that others don't? Start from there and celebrate it. That's the center of who you are. Build it from there as a character of a plot with the most important dimensions that you want to highlight. A personal brand is about ourselves, but it's also about inspiring others.
  • I would suggest being yourself and showing your personality to make sure you stand out! It's key that you are really active on social platforms and have a strong social media presence to elevate your personal brand. Try not to use all the same generic content as others in your space but instead make your posts eye catching and attention grabbing in terms of the language and imagery used. Make sure you are also connected to the people you are trying to reach and vice versa to create the most impact and ensure you are seen as an influencial person or business in your industry.
  • Good Question! We covered some of that in a Q&A that we did for She Says London. 3 amazing women give some great tips and tricks. Have a watch here:
  • I think you must focus on the main topic that distinguish you from the other brands and how your brand will solve a specific problem. You also should decide about your target public like this is very important.
  • There are alot of things to consider before thinking about personal brand.
    all depend on the size of your plans.
    Would you like to connect and network with an investor possibly do business based on shared interest?
  • Be brutally honest with yourself (mainly because you can't sustain anything worthwhile if you're faking it). Assess what your strengths and weaknesses really are -- rather than what you *wish* they were -- and highlight those strengths. Don't use marketing jargon. Try to avoid using tired, worn-out phrases like "At the end of the day" and "I always give 110 percent." (No you don't; no one does.) Speak plainly about what makes you and your skills something that a potential employer or client should look into more. Don't try to sound like anyone else.

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