Call me crazy, but I have found myself, in this time, more inspired than ever in my work.

I think it’s a combination of working remotely in my own quiet space, and having some extra time. Is anyone else the same? X


  • Couldn't agree more. This has been my most creative and innovative period too ;)
  • Holly!

    I wish I could say the same, however I feel that these quiet, more in-ward times have made me literally put most of my creative projects on hold. Now I'm feeling way more reflective about my personal aims and struggles. I just hope I can be able soon to canalize all this energy into my creative projects again!
  • I'm also really enjoying having extra time to spend on personal projects, updating my website and online shop etc.
  • I am the happiest I have been for a long time. I’ve realised that I do my best work in my own, comfortable space.

    I am more creative than I have ever been and now know that I definitely want to pursue a career in the creative industry - no matter what it takes! Not allowing those evil discouraging voices to take charge anymore :)
  • Absolutely.. even with home schooling 4 children I have managed a bit of time to investigate a few things I have really wanted to do for ages and never got around to!!
  • I find it’s giving me time to slow down and get things perfect in camera instead of loads of processing on adobe.
  • Me too! I’ve finally had time to experiment and process new ideas :) I feel like I’ve personally achieved much more too in terms of personal goals and my everlasting to-do list!
  • Ooh same! I have more motivation to create now that I have extra time!

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