Creatives who make visual pitches, what software do you use?

We all have to pitch an idea sometimes, whether we are looking for funding for our own project, presenting an idea to a client or trying to convince someone that we will bring the right skills to a project. I usually use Word and put text and images and export it as a pdf, but I am getting bored of it. There must be a more interesting way to do this. Is there a software that helps you make great pitches? Tell me your secrets.


  • @Katja Alissa Mueller Very good point. I've received pitches myself that involved downloading software or signing up to something to open them and I find them highly irritating. Also, if you're trying to convince someone else to hire you, they're not going to go out of their way to look at your pitch, it's your job to make it accessible.
  • Hi Anca. I think there are various great programs out there depending on what you want to achieve with your pitch deck. The most important factor – from experience – is to use one that can be accessed by everyone involved in the pitch so it doesn't end up with one person (mostly a designer) having to re-do several jobs again. It also guarantees transparency and involves everyone across the entire pitch from the get go.
  • I use Canva. It’s a great tool visually as you can insert graphics, elements and images easily and they have a ton of different fonts. They also have lots of examples so it’s great for inspo
  • Ludus is great. Don't use Slides. Videos don't play for some people.
  • I love using for all my presentations. Means you get dramatic zoom-ins and can hide lots of lovely slides within images themselves
  • I've used slides previously which is great for collaborating with other team members. Currently, I use Illustrator or InDesign with team members feeding into a Google Doc before hand to shape copy
  • @Michelangelo Torres I love Shotdeck. Very helpful for showing (not telling) people what look you're suggesting. Thanks for the tips on Canva and Smash.
  • Intention analysis split into at least the pitch / pitchers (you / group) and those who are being pitched to (investor /investors)
    Separate your intentions to have the key concepts you have to offer anything you’d like to get across factors / ideas / examples once you know those what I’d suggest is to do the same in-depth analysis but with who is going to be hearing, all factors I’d suggest anything from age,gender, class pretty much become the investor and draw out as many norms/values /attitudes all ideas if you complete this,
    The perfect pitch is syncing together the Pitchers and the investors not as a mutually beneficial partnership, two groups split into individuals and broken down analysis before using the info to create your perfect pitch.
  • I’m currently building the visuals of my pitch on a website called readymag - the thinking is to have a website that looks and feels like a presentation, with a portfolio embedded into it so that everyone’s got something to take away with them and is easily accessible
  • Hello Anca,
    I usually make my pitch documents on Canva or through a platform called Smash that connects filmmakers/directors with production gatekeepers.

    Regarding the moodboards I think Shotdeck is a very useful platform

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