Hi creative parents. Please reply with tips, tricks and hacks you can do with your kids during this crisis.

If I have enough, I might turn it into a webpage


  • @Jill Hodges We've also got paid-for remote camps and courses running for kids 9-17! www.firetechcamp.com/courses
  • We've got free hackathons going. Recordings are on our YouTube channel. Upcoming ones are on eventbrite.
  • @Krissi Boakye Gardening is the best, however maybe not for everyone. But so is printing a colouring book if you don't own a printer ;) ... Do you have any links or articles on gardening with kids?
  • @Guillaume Lechat Awesome, do you know of any articles on photography tips for these occassions, or maybe links to any of these activities.
  • I'm liking the CodeSpark Academy app to help kids learn to code. Coding is still creative as well as logical and I'm sure some of the programming logical will be beneficial in later life. The app has a 7 day free trial, so worth a look!
  • Go to your garden and get unused box cardboard and draw with loads of liquid ink. If you have more means get an huge piece of paper, put ink on a ball and play football on top of it. I saw a guy creating a gigantic sling and play the angry birds with bins in his garden lol
  • I’ll be trying to start a document tonight to gather all these amazing tips in a structured way so I can publish them online somewhere.

    What should we call this?
    A) Inside Parents
    B) Quarantine Parentino
    C) Kids stuff
    D) Something way more fun and creative like ...
  • Teach them to draw, the book ‘how to draw marvel comics’ is brilliant for learning every stage of drawing. It’s a steal at £3 used on amazon.
  • Hello Ronny,

    There are lots of colouring in activities available for free if you have a printer at home to print these out.

    You can download 3 colouring in books from Counterprint at:

    Supermundane is releasing one colour in a day:

    Phaidon has released activity packs ranging from cooking to diy

    Oliver Jeffers the wonderful illustrator is reading a story every night to children. You can watch them on the day on his instagram live or catch all videos on his website. The stories are great for alduts too :)

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck and have a lot of fun with the kids )

  • We’ve been making free activity books for kids based around travel. Each one is 10-12 pages full of puzzles and simple research activities. So far we’ve done England, Iceland and Japan comes out today. Aimed at kids aged 6-10. They’re free to download at deliberatetravel.com/kids

    And feel free to pass along!
  • I'm not a parent ;) but I saw these activities on the Design Museum page https://designmuseum.org/whats-on/families/create-and-make/create-and-make-at-home I might do them myself!
  • Great question! :) We've been setting up activities like painting, stories, activities in garden and then as a photographer I've been documenting it all - win for kids and me :)
  • I don't have kids, but when I was small my mum would make me look after the garden. Plant some flowers grow some fruit and veg. If you don't have a garden you can use house plants/veg. Or if you live in an estate you can ask the housing association or council if you can use the land for a community garden. But obviously the whole distance thing has to be applied due to earths formal cold corona.
  • Hello! We have a page of activities and games online I have been designing, and a shop full of kits and fun @thelittletop xx
  • Not a parent, but AM a teacher.
    Storywriting is always fun, but make it a challenge. Tell them they have to find bits and bobs from the garden to base their story around.
    They can then bake something that matches their story.
    And! They can create a 'magical map' of their story.

    It's a lovely time to get them invested in a creative project!
    If you need any help, just drop me a message. Always happy to give ideas!
  • Thanks, My emoji posts aren’t showing. So here goes again. In NL there is this dramacoach that does daily dramalessons for kids https://www.instagram.com/buro_bis/ you know of similar initiatives? Keep them coming
  • Oh, and Firstsite has an artpack you can download, where differernt artists have each put together an activity (Antony Gormley, Gillian Wearing, Idris Khan, Jeremy Deller, Mark Wallinger and more)
  • The Tate website has a bunch of fun art/craft activities inspired by artists like Warhol, Pollock, Albers etc, and you get to learn about the artists along the way too! https://www.tate.org.uk/kids/make
  • Hi Ronny

    Here are some child friendly activities Unicef have created in response to the lockdown -







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