Hiya, another question for the freelancers. Does anyone use a timesheet app? Or know of a free template? Thanks!

Trying to get my freelance finances in order, it's been a bumpy ride.


  • Another vote for Toggl. :-) We use it religiously, every day for every project.
  • @Benedict Cosgrove thank you Benedict that’s so kind! I was in touch with the Mars parachute chap just minutes after the safe landing of Perseverance - suffice to say he was very relieved!
  • @Fi Forrest Fi, I like the notion of using both analog and digital methods or tools for this sort of task, as well. I do find that having a physical calendar or diary in front of me is, for some tasks, more efficient than most of the tracking software out there. That said, Toggl is quite powerful.

    Also -- that "space textiles" article of yours is excellent. Bravo.
  • In the past I’ve used Toggl Track and a old fashioned one called OfficeTime. Back in the day you could use Outlook to block out and time jobs. I still use my paper diary though. I like to look at it whilst offline. Also, I’m currently using Todoist as a reminder list for upcoming work. I still haven’t found an app where you can block out chucks of time, like highlighting a planner, with one week to view though. Anyone?

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