How have you kept up your creativity during lockdown?


  • We recently caught up with Kelly Mackenzie - founder of White Bear Studio ,and Kai Lutterodt - founder of My Soho Times, to see how they have stayed creative during lockdown -
  • @Mariya Dimitrova Thank you so much for the list! This is very helpful.
  • @Charlotte Simpson This is an excellent list of events and ideas for creatives. Thank you for taking the time to put this together.
  • Some great lists on here! Here are some events & ideas I've been using as a go-to for creative inspo..

    - Sunday evening Life Drawing -

    - Outdoor/Wellbeing ideas from baking to craft (lots of activities for children too)

    - Creative Mornings Virtual events

    - Suitcase Magazine's people section - there are some great interviews & stories shared

  • @Darren Boyd I'mma share a few links with you. So the first one I found rescently and I must admit I really love everything I see here:
    These are the others: you can find beautiful images here the archives are wonderful again you can find beautiful sessions here ( Vasil Germaniv is an AMAZING Bulgarian photographer, I adore all of his work)

    I hope these help.
  • @Mariya Dimitrova Thanks, Mariya! What type of quality mags have you been focusing on?
  • Not for photography, but for retouch. A lot of tfp projects, watching quality online magazines and websites, visually mind-blowing movies like The Neon Demon.
  • @Darren Boyd I haven’t within this set but I did a project around my Nan’s house when she passed away which has more interior shots of a similar colour palette!
  • @Joshua Hart excellent work! I love the tonal range you used on the images. Do you have more indoor shots? They bring a sense of loneliness, peace and solitude.
  • @Taleb Kabbara Yes indeed! An excellent point for keeping productive, brainstorming and planning.

    Has there been any time when you have struggled to motivate yourself to stay focused and so organised throughout the lockdown? Was that transition a natural process for your workflow?
  • @Agathe Monmont Great advice, Agathe! I recently completed a photoshoot with a ballet dancer who wanted to break into the fashion/modelling world. That job allowed me to visit the ballet world, an elegant part of the creative industry that I'm not familiar with. I learnt so much and explored the intricate details of the art from a photographer and dancer point of view. Check out the links below and let me know what you think?

    Look one:

    Look two:

    Look three: Coming soon!

    Interesting points about TikTok! I find I get consumed in that world once I’ve watched a few videos, and before I know it, an hour has flown by. At the moment, I'm training the mind to remember not to be a consumer, but to be a creator. To use my time better on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. I'm far more disciplined on IG than TT at the moment.

  • @Vikki Ross Awesome! I shall follow in your footsteps and start attending these events. I've got much to learn on this platform. Thank you and stay in touch.
  • @Darren Boyd All the work-related ones have been great for me (talks/panels on advertising and writing) but I wish I'd have made it to some of the BAFTA talks. Keeping an eye out for any coming up!
  • Writing. I wrote pitch documents for short docs/brand films projects: I think it's important to imagine a post-Covid life because it helps us avoid the apathy that could result from the lockdown.

    I also wrote some articles about filmmaking (actually still on draft) on Medium.
  • @Giorgio Gremigni Wow!! What an inspiring project to lift the spirits of humanity during the lockdown. To compete against a celebrity role model/figure through a series of physical activities is an excellent idea. You and your team established a positive way to enjoy exercising and to take the mind off the unfortunate climate we have been enduring—memorable, fun and entertaining idea.

    What was the feedback from the celebrities who took part?
  • @Vikki Ross Thanks, Vikki! Educating the mind and empowering the brain for greatness. I'm still relatively new on The Dots, so I'm looking forward to networking and using the resources within this fantastic platform.

    What has been your favourite event attended so far on this platform?
  • @Ucman Balaban Very helpful! I love the determination to upskill, but most importantly, the enthusiasm and focus to help charities for free! That is very impressive and I can see creativity isn't just a job for you, it's a passion.
  • @Francesca Oddenino I love that idea of a focused brief! I know at times it can be challenging to conjure up ideas that may be inspiring. It's a good way to focus the mind in these challenging times. Great idea!
  • Lots of reading and going to events listed here on The Dots!
  • It can be tricky. I have been playing music, reading many books, and watching inspiring films and documentaries. I also give myself small creative tasks for when I leave the house, such as finding a list of beautiful red details on my walk. It helps appreciating what is there and I have been overlooking all this time.
  • Hey Darren this was really hard to do.
    What I did was I kinda changed my habits. Because of the pandemic I had so much free time on my hands. But I was doing same thing over and over again. So I minimised my time in front of my computer/phone. I tried going out more to change the scenery and only sit in front of my computer to work. This helped a bit to create a difference between work and play time in my brain. Whenever I was in front of my computer it made me more productive.
    Other thing I did was my personal projects. I designed and animated 2 music videos. These projects helped me to go as freely as I can while doing what I love doing. Creating time for personal projects helped me a lot with my paid projects.
    One last thing was I made an open call on my social media channels asking for charities or non profits looking for animation help. I get to help people this also made me feel good about what I am doing and again helped me out in future projects.
    This was my personal journey through the pandemic. Hope it helps.

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