I'm looking for people who purchase music specifically in physical form (vinyl /cd etc) to interview on the topic of album art

I have created an online gallery that is focussed on album artwork. Here is the website where your contribution will be uploaded to.


  • Hey, I'm a newbie Vinyl collector and would love to be a part of the project!
  • Hi Stephen,

    I always but music in physical form and believe I always will. I'm a collector at hear but also love to have material items to visualise wheter it be vinyl or CD. Would certainly be interested in talking to you more about this as I'm a designer as well.

    Thank you,
  • Hi Stephen,

    I'm a music photographer and also buy a lot of CDs and some vinyls of classics, mainly 60s rock, blues and classical music. I love browsing markets and charity shops which sometimes have big gems from somebody's attic. Let me know what are the next steps.


  • Hi there!
    I am a photographer and musician! I always buy music in cd format and sometimes in vinyl.
    let me know if you're interested
  • As a long-time DJ, I'm down. :-D
    (also, that second collection totally SPEAKS to me, hahaha)

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