Just updated my website! Would love any feedback or thoughts. Thanks! reedgibson.com


  • @Patrick Ofosu Hey Patrick! Thank you for that insight, that was something I didnt even think about!

    I really appreciate it, thanks again!

    Stay safe!
  • @Clarisse Fonseca Hey Clarisse! I really appreciate your feedback!

    That is definitely something I need to add.

    Thank you! Stay Safe!
  • Hi Reed, hope you are well! Clean, the Illutstration, the whole site simples :)

    A few suggestions:

    For SEO purposes - the Page Title (browser Tab) change to your name and artist e.g. Reed Gibson - Artist based in Brooklyn, NY maybe? Can alt text be added to the images in this template?

    Any further advice, keep us informed. In the meantime, keep safe and continue the great work!
  • @Rebecca Gibson Thank you! I really appreciate it!
  • @Ria Bhatnagar Thank you! I'll definitely be giong back through and adding some context, I really appreciate you saying that.

    Thanks again, Stay Safe!
  • @helen capewell Ah, I see it. Thank you!! I really appreciate your insight
  • @Clara Varakachanapong-Jones Thank you! I really apprecaite it! )
  • @Zoë Bonham Hey! Thank you so much! I really appreciate you saying that!

    Thanks again, and stay safe!
  • @Alexa Boldy


    Thank you for that insight, took a look again and you're totally right.

    Definitely something i'll work on today :)

    Thanks! Stay Safe!
  • @Marcia Batten

    Ah thank you for that insight, looked it over and youre right!

    Thank you!
  • @Keva Epale

    Thank you! So kind of you to say!

    Stay safe!
  • Hey Reed! Think it's great, love the handwriting and the colours. It's really easy to navigate, my only note would be to add some context to the iamges, possibly some captions about each one :) x
  • @Masakazu Otsuki Hey!

    Thank you! Send me a message any time - hello@reedgibson.com
  • @Ami Bolt Hey! Thanks!

    Really appreciate it!
  • Hi Reed,

    Firstly: love your artistry. You can pick up on creativity immediately - the background, I think, does this.

    I’m a copywriter, so in terms of your writing:
    You’ve kept it brief, which I love. People love to skim, so that’s excellent.

    Have you considered posting an “About” page? I think you could really sell your USP and the benefits of using you there?

    Generally, it’s great. Congrats!
  • I've just checked your fantastic one!

    Personally, love your sensitive & fragile illustrations with motion effect.

    A simple line, yet something touched inside of mine.

    I would like to reach you out something new to co-create for NYC with the hope to step forward.

    Because NYC to me is sort of the second hometown, here had cultivated my all senses with the diverse city.

    I hope you and your relatives all staying safe & healthy, doing well.
  • Love the overall design of your website. The handwritten/pencilled type makes it feel so personal and makes it super unique - it's like your own sketchbook! So refreshing to see in comparison to a very digital look. I love the way even the design project thumbnails are in the same pencil style, and when you click on it the real project comes to life. Effortless! Bravo. (Plus, your work is bomb too!)

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