Let's start an Instagram sharing feed. Pop your insta URL below so we can start following each other! (Please add URL so it makes it easier)

Mine is: www.instagram.com/anxiousasanything

We posted an Instagram question a while back about connecting with new creatives. Everyone has been connecting with each other so pop your Instagram URL below and we can all connect and collaborate.
(Otherwise just your handle takes people to the dots!)


  • Hi, I'm a London-based Senior Motion Graphic Designer & Creative Technologist specialising in 3D animation, Video Editing, AR Filters and Gen AI. I'm always looking forward to making talented connections, people to go to events with, networking, collaborations, also seeing and hearing people talk about their passions.
    Here are the links to my Website, Showreel and Instagram! 😊
    Website: https://www.behance.net/ramonguthrie
    Showreel: https://vimeo.com/showcase/7271804
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ramonartist
  • Hello! :) My name is Kimiya and I'm an illustrator from Berlin.
    I share my work over here: www.instagram.com/kimiyajustus
  • Hy Everyone .
    I’mAbby Shea, and I’m working as a Product Expert at the pharmaceutical company Aus Generic Meds. I write articles and blogs on products Kamagra Oral Jelly, Vidalista 20, Cenforce 100, and Fildena 100 Medical research, health awareness, etc.
    Website : https://www.ausgenericmeds.com

  • I’m an illustrator ☺️ here is my instagram

  • www.instagram.com/feliciamay00

    Art director working in fashion and lifestyle- posting my own thoughts, ideas and reflections from my creative and personal journey
  • A casual diary of posting designs, typography, sketches, doodles, and everything!
  • Hi
    My name is Pedro

    Excited to share my latest freelance project - transforming dance music into visual art! Through a combination of color, shape and movement, I capture the unique energy of each track and create bold and captivating designs.


  • Hi!
    My name Anya I draw for animation
  • Hi everyone! ✨ I’m Saahia, an illustrator based in London who loves to tell stories through my art.

    Check out my instagram here: http://www.instagram.com/saahiadraws
  • Great initiative! Here's mine! https://www.instagram.com/ashwani094/
  • Hi there! My name is Zuleika Tasha, but you can call me ZT. I'm a self-taught illustrator and graphic designer. I graduated in graphic design from the University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts. After a brief break from designing, I'm excited to be getting back into it and recently find myself exploring branding and logo design. I find myself really drawn to this area so I have been joining brief projects and studying courses about this sector. Can't wait to see what I can create. My Instagram account is @zuleikatasha. I am currently working as a Creative assistant at a furniture company but been wanting to explore in becoming a full time freelance designer one day. Happy to connect to fellow creatives. 😇

  • Hii, I’m a lens-based media artist and student at ual studying design for art direction x

  • Hi there! I'm an illustrator and I also make my own webcomics on WEBTOON! Here are the links to my Instagram, website and WEBTOON:
    Conversations | WEBTOON (webtoons.com)

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