Looking to connect with some great Web/UX/UI Designers with experience in brand

I'm a designer specialising in brand and illustration, often working with freelance clients on brand conception, development and idieation. Looking to have some experienced web designer connections I can bring on to projects when more specialist knowledge is needed. Would love to chat :)


  • Hi Daisy, this sounds exciting. I certainly have experience in Web/UX when it comes to brand development. Over the past 6 years I have primarly worked within this field. Please check out www.studiohinds.com for examples of this work. Get in touch if wish to have a chat. R
  • Morning Daisy,

    Hope your day is off to a good start.

    I'd be keen to connect and look at potential collaborations in the future as we also get asked for branding or illustrations as part of a project, and we don't currently have a preferred partner for.

    I also originally started as a UX/UI Designer over 7 years ago and in more recent years, doing full websites design and development.

    Happy to share my portfolio/recent examples and jump on a call in the coming weeks if you think it’s worth exchanging details for future opportunities.

    My website www.fullfrontaldesign.com & recent examples, www.belrebel.com / www.ayusya.co.uk

  • Hello! I’m interested in your UX role. Based on my experience as a UX Designer for Ask.fm (250m downloads) and Specsavers (£3 billion in revenue), I think I would be a good fit. Feel free to browse my portfolio: https://alpaca-bulldog-9l6z.squarespace.com/ Let me know if you'd like to speak more!

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