We're always looking to broaden our freelance horizons and meet with like-minded individuals here at Orillo Films...

Please get in touch with me if you're involved in the post production process, whatever the capacity!


  • Hi James! Would love to connect, the work you create at Orillo Films looks great! I shoot and edit and am a freelancer based in London. My DOP reel is: http://www.conorlui.com/showreel and my edit reel is http://www.conorlui.com/editing-portfolio . Look forward to catching up, cheers! Conor
  • Hi James!

    I’m an editor and motion graphics animator and would love to collaborate with you some day.

    Please find my portfolio here: www.vimeo.com/kofintiforo

  • Hello James,


    I am a self shooting videographer and director.
    I have a background working as an edit assistant on television documentary and now work freelance creating content for various agencies with a focus on arts & culture documentary.

    I am based in N5 with full production kit and car.
    Please have a look at my site and feel free to get in touch.


  • Hi James, I would love to get on your book.
    Please have a look at my work bellow. Looking forwards to future projects.

    Many thanks
  • Hey James - hope all is well! :)
    I thought I'd also share my work - I'm mainly a designer - but also do motion and video editing - here's some of my work...


    And here's a video I directed and edited - to get an idea of my style:

    Would be cool to connect :)
  • Hello James,
    nice to meet you. I'm a filmmaker/editor/colourist with some 2D motion design skills speacializing in short documentaries and brand films.

    You can check out my works at https://www.michelangelotorres.net

    For any other detail about my workflow, feel free to ask.

  • Hi James,

    My name is Marco. I am a DOP and Camera Op based in London. I have experience within narrative work, branded content and corporate.

    This is my reel: https://vimeo.com/768200410

    I love the content produced by Orillo films. It would be great to work together if the opportunity comes up.

    Let's keep in touch.


  • Hi James,

    My name is Kat Ciemiega, I'm a videographer, editor and photographer.

    I've filmed and edited a documentary on location, concerts, music videos. My work helped increase engagement online, get workshop sign ups and sell tickets. I’m sure we could both create beautiful stories for your projects. I put a lot of thought into soundtracks and a sound design to add depth and hold people's attention.

    Please see some samples of work on the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCof_7OQGSZhifql9CCl2nJg and concert organisers: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgMHiYhTf00vYqhk2Ye8Fpw

    Thanks and have a fun day!

    Kat Ciemiega

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