What advice would you give to a junior graphic designer with big dreams?


  • To change a job :) :D
    But seriously, be aware whats going on on the market. Is shifting very rapidly. In upcomming yeas we will see a lot of AI in design. From simple background removal to the idea generation. Will be interesting but though work wise.
    And remeber don't think about design idealisiticaly. In today's world design is a commodity and companies will hire you, because they need to. Not becuase they want to. Avoid PR talk about design and don't tust companies that are saying that design "is the most important" thing. Its just PR in 95%

    Cheers and good luck
  • Believe in yourself, your design skills and your unique design style, define who you want to be in those 'big dreams', then go make them a reality - it does happen!
  • Always stay grounded and try to keep fresh by looking for new inspiration. And controversial to the below comment - don't copy.
  • I would say to any junior, don't box yourself in too early. Experiement and try a bit of everything. Try a new topic a month and roll with it for a few weeks to give it a good try to see if it suits you. Then, after some time, put on the blinkers and follow one path that you enjoyed most.

    Don't fall into the trap of following trends, find something that really speaks to you. Even if it's outdated, take it and make it your own. Appreicate what others do but don't let it draw you away from your new set path with blinkers on and go for it full throttle.

    Finally, always follow your internal compass. Don't worry what others are doing and if they are going faster than you, just listen to your gut.
  • I would definitely suggest joining freelancer platforms to offer your services. They may differ depending on your country/region, but a few notable ones are Fiver, Upwork, and Thumbtack.

    Best wishes,

  • I am in the same boat as you and might be able to help.

    Companies you want to work for, may be lacking in certain areas (website, logo etc)

    You could create concepts for them and tag them on social media to gain thier attention.
  • This goes for any creative:

    Work hard on your creative output.
    Work as if your life depends on it, because it does.
  • My 5 top tips would be:

    1. Build a portfolio of mentors - Creative Mentor Network has a brilliant program matching creatives to mentors.
    2. Head to events - my top picks are She Says, Glug, Nicer Tuesdays, For Working Women & Women Who
    3. Attend The Dots Portfolio Masterclass (shameless plug :-) - follow the page here https://the-dots.com/pages/the-dots-portfolio-masterclasses-74126
    4. Make the world a better place: Zince VC match designers with business leaders and technologists to solve the world’s toughest social issues. https://the-dots.com/pages/zinc-vc-82431
    5. Always wear a smile :-)
  • Your career should be designed too. Learn from every role you take and when you’re able, be judicious in what roles you do take to maximize learning new things. Stay curious!
  • Work your wotsits off, insist on gleefulness,  and don’t get disheartened. It’s your life. ENJOY.

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