What are the hot debate topics in art curating apparently? ( Need help for MA application, much appreciated!)

Hi I am a graduate art student who is applying for the MA course in curating. I would like to know what are the most popular or debatable topics in the field. Also, any experience for applying MA Curating and Collections course from UAL?


  • AI is a hot topic right now - but beneath the surface the questions being asked about it's validity are not new ones. Each technologocal shift brings about fear of change and a certain amount of resistance. The pop culture world is excited by it because it's currently inflamatory but I think at MA level you would do well to demonstrate a critical perspective. NFT's are similar, but now a little passé from a media perspective, for a number of reasons.

    What seems to have become a mainstay of exhbitions is a leaning towards multimedia - particlualrly moving-image in it's expanded field - i.e. gaming, 3D, virtual, augmented, film, animation etc etc. Often shown in amongst more traditional art forms.

    The validity of AI lies in the heart of this general recognition of wide media access as both the medium and a tool by which to construct the message.

    What are your views?
  • Designers, painters, illustrators, photographers, film makers etc being known as mere “content creators”, we’re at a period of those entering the creative industry seeking to become “influencers” for social media.
  • Two major debates right now are two sides of the same coin - AI Art and NFTs. AI Art and its value, not only on the art market but within the general canon of aesthetic artistic effort, is drawing a lot of attention from collectors and museum alike as they attempt to navigate the new and unexplored waters of AI ethics. Artists are also revolting against AI for ethical reasons - see the #SupportHumanArt 'protest' last month. Similarly, museums are being forced to pay attention to NFTs _because_ they are, by nature, collectible (and until recently were genrating large amounts of profits for specific individuals auction houses - see Bonhams and Philip Colbert as just one example) and it's generating a lot of discussion around digitising art and whether museums should be looking into more ways to display their art online. Hope this helps and best of luck with the MA!

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