What books would you recommend?

Maybe something you've read during quarantine? Or before? It doesn't really matter, but I'd like to get some recommendations and short notes on why you think the book's worth it :)


  • the power of now and/or A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle.
    Inspiring and powerful.
    Good for those time to reflects on ourselves and others.
  • the living mountain by nan shepherd - meditative, soft, full of solace. i love how she writes about her relationship with the landscape, finding it very soothing right now
  • Demian - Herman Hesse. I'm in awe of how talented Hesse is in analyzing the inner workings of human nature.
  • "A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women" easays on art, sex and the mind by Siri Hustvedt. I've just started reading this and really enjoying it.
  • I recently read some Toni Morrison for the first time. 'The Bluest Eye' isn't light reading, it deals with racism and child abuse, but she writes with such skill and humanity as no one else could.

    I don't usually read much poetry but I've also been getting into the poems of Thom Gunn recently. He writes a lot of the kind of lines that I just get instantly, and that makes it very accessible to me.
  • Hello :)

    Doors to Perception/Aldous Huxley - non fiction about opening through mescaline experience

    Heart of Darkness/Joseph Conrad - how bad we may become

    Foundation/Isaac Assimov - especially good during the period of total reconstruction

    Dracula/Bram Stoker - good old English

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