What is a good email subject while reaching out to new potential clients?

Any help appreciated on how to make your email stand out amongst many others and how to guarantee a reply... I always just end up writing " Hello! " which might be friendly but not attention grabbing at all.


  • Ps it goes without saying that pumping the world full of emails is inefficient - the bits of work you do beforehand, the research you do, the facts you find out, the preparation you do are the real differentiator.

    Not the subject line.

  • Hi Flore

    Keep it personal.
    Don’t be tricksy.
    Don’t be off brand.
    Make it a call to action.

    I recently got a very prompt reply by calling out 2 mutual connections (personal) in a mischievous (my brand) call to action.

    It said ‘I’ve been told we need to speak and x and y can’t both be wrong’

    It worked.

    Find your blend but avoid these off the shelf blueprints. They work in very unique contexts and there’s nothing like finding your own vibe that works for you. Once you have something, you can nuance it.

    Stay Boom!

  • Hi Flore, lots of good advice below and I can add little other than my option: be relevant. Don’t expect much from a blanket mail, 2% would actually be a high response rate so unless you’ve got a huge mailing list you can reach at the press of a button, you’re not going to get much. If you do, then maintain a newsletter and keep it visually led - those who don’t want more will delist themselves and you’ll end up with a high value list of people who like your work, just can’t use you now, but want to consider you when the moment is right . That’s why regular contact is important- stay top of mind.

    If you are sending individual emails, keep it personal and about them. show you know their world, the work they do and that you understand what they’re looking for. Be aware and insightful, then you’re in a position to say that’s exactly the work you do and it’s be great to hook up.

    Through your emails, give people links to other platforms where they can follow your work, again you’ll find out who’s interested and then you’re entitled to contact them directly.

    Hope that helps!
  • Hi Flore,

    For subjcet something that is searchable. So even if they don't want you at the moment later they can find easily your contact.

    For tone of voice keep it real and what is the most inportant to have genuine inbtentions. I mean like approach brands that actually you would love to work with and your style would fit well. Hope it helps!
  • I find if say like me your a photographer I would write: London based portrait photographer Richard cannon that way when the place you in there contact folder it shows exactly what you do and where you are based. I find replies from emails are very small. I sent out last week over 100 emails direct to new contacts and got 2 replies. I found that direct messages in Instagram and linked Has a much better success rate in that they reply but it’s a on going slog to get work from just an email. Hope that helps. Richard
  • Hey Flore!
    I get a lot of pitch type emails through for people looking to work with Nike and as soon as they're either longer than maybe 2x paragraphs or sound salesy I delete without reading (*sorry*). So I would say you're friendly approach is actually probably better. I'd be clear about who you are and why you're sending so that those who are interested will read - perhaps something simple like - "Sharing my Photography Portfolio" and just say like, "would be great if you could have a flick through and see if the style feels right for your brand" and then hopefully potential clients will take a proper look. Hope that helps, Alexandra x
  • @Ida Henrich I unfortunately think these kind of emails get junked befoee they are read. People dont have much time and are busy.

  • Be as clear as you can about why you are contacting them in the headline. :-) You could say 'Hi, I'm a Photographer'? Are you looking for a photographer? Or something that sounds like you. :-) I sometimes write Illustration portfoilio if thats what I'm sending.

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