What top tips do you have to manage your wellbeing?

As we enter into the autumn/ winter months, we'd love to hear your top tips for managing your wellbeing during these times.

Our top tip is: Do the things you enjoy, with the people you love (even if that's only virtually at the moment) :-)

What's yours?


  • During this covid-19 world of sickness and sadness, I have found immense peace of mind, utter joy and spiritual well-being in simply giving my time to innocent animals in need. The abandoned and forgotten of this pandemic give more unconditional love and peace to a person for only a touch, kind words or a snuggle. They are so rewarding, calming, and fulfilling for my sense of wellbeing that I feel they are the ones who are doing the giving.
  • I try to find "me" time in a very busy household with loads of outside pressures and "noise". Doing nice things for others always makes me feel better that no matter how hard things might be or get, kindness will make a tiny difference in yours or someone else's life. Social media can be a powerful tool for good but I find that too much can pull me into a bit of a dark cloud of bad news, negativity and angst. Get outside for a bit, any excuse to stretch the legs and breathe some fresh air. Also, there are numerous methods of relaxing and clearing the mind that focus on breathing techiques such as yoga and meditation that sound far out there but are actually very simple, practical and effective.
  • Be Kind and Help others. Get involved in community work, join a group such as Rotary. It will be good for your wellbeing knowing you are giving back for no personal gain other than that warm fuzzy feeling you get from doing good. Read The Go Giver. "The Go-Giver: A Little Story about a Powerful Business Idea is a business book written by Bob Burg and John D. Mann. It is a story about the power of giving."
  • @Grace Knowles This is wonderful, and such a helpful way to keep front of mind and create a powerful daily habit. 3Ms is brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing :)
  • I love this from Dr Chatterjee, the 3M's of a morning routine, Mindfulness, Movement & Mindset. This has really kept me going through lockdown!
  • @Matt Brunton YES! Love all of these tips. Thank you so much for sharing :)
  • Morning workouts. Fresh air. Prayer and meditation. Reading (not on a screen). Focusing on people when you spend time with them. Engaging hobbies. Genuine community. Reflection and journaling.
  • @Vikki Ross this is great - creating the space to decompress and reset cannot be underestimated. Its so important to switch off and reconnect back to ourselves. Thanks so much for sharing :)
  • @iulia istrate, beautiful. Mindfulness and meditation makes such a difference to how we experience the world, and are able to see through the noise of every day life. Love this, thank you for sharing :)
  • @Alexandra (Lexy) Hearth Totally agree, having a goal to work towards helps alot, and brings a sense of accomplishment which makes us feel good. Journally is such a great way of clearing the thoughts in our mind to make space for creativity. Thanks so much for sharing :)
  • @Anna Dora L. YES! Love this, Anna. Physical and mental wellbeing are so intrinsically linked. Great to hear about what works for you. Very inspiring :)
  • @Nikky Lyle Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your brilliant inspiration :))
  • I've got an Industry Leaders Podcast episode with @Joanna Henly that I released this week which is all focused around managing your well being :)

  • I found 2 things extremely effective to keep up the inner light:

    - working out every morning
    - no processed food

    Back in 2017 made a new year resolution about working out daily and kept it since. the healthy eating come along although wasn't a big junk foodie anyway. But so this two things helped me be back in the size I was as a teenager and getting a focus in life.

    feel free to check out my work on https://www.instagram.com/annadoralascsik/
  • Meditation and mindfulness is my go to wellbeing tool. I can focus on what I want, get a lot more done in less time, so I have more time to spend with family and friends :)

  • I need time and space to rest and reset otherwise I can't think straight. If I can't calm my mind, I listen to podcasts - not necessarily meditation types - sometimes interviews. Just listening to people talking for an hour helps me switch off.
  • @Shanky Gupta you are right, it’s important to do this especially during these times. Keep safe and be well. Thanks for sharing :)
  • @Glen Paul Mendes brilliant. Mindful and peaceful. So blissful :) Thanks for sharing.
  • @Michael McPheat this is great. We love the mental space running gives at lunchtime! Thank you for sharing :)
  • My top tip for Wellbeing at the moment is staying to a routine and really celebrating my lunchtime breaks - I've recently taking up running on my breaks and I've found it super helpful in emptying my mind, may need to wrap up now more in the colder months!

    I've also found that instead of writing a long list, I focus on achieving one important task each day. Weirdly, I end up finishing more things by the end of the week than ever did previously!
  • It is really important to maintain your weelbeing because current situations are not making things easier. Yes, that's right think and work on those things which actually give you happiness. I do that and often talk to people whom I love the most whether they are far or near :)
  • @Beatrice Lugano this is beautiful! Really love bringing mindfulness into the everyday. We definitely do don’t enough of this. Thank you for sharing :)

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