Who else listened to How to start a business (& use The Dots to grow it!) – with founder Pip Jamieson? What was your key lesson?

2nd time I've heard @Pip Jamieson talk about The-Dots and the passion and vision for the project is amazing. For me, it's knowing the focus continues on a building supporting and caring community for creatives. There is such a positive vibe here. Tell me what you learnt today.


  • Really enjoyed listening to this webinar. Wish I had been able to make it live. That being said it was very informative and @Pip Jamieson was so natural and forthcoming with the information shared. Definately keeping an eye out for future talks. Thank you.
  • @Linsey M Ikigai by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles was the book I heard Pip mention. It’s a fascinating read about focusing on your Why.
  • Found the whole conversation very helpful, interesting and insightful, also honest (Spotify story! ;)). There awere many key lessons but the main one is having a good network and using it plus product market fit! Thanks for hosting it and I will definitely look out for more (and also continue to grow my network!).
  • It's nice to know that there are lots of other people out there on similiar journeys. Looking forward to delving into The Dots some more. Enjoyed hearing @Pip Jamieson story and thank you for being honest!
  • This was SUPER helpful! Thank you so much for your honest account and useful tips. Are you able to share Airbnb's pitch deck you were referring to?
  • Thanks to everyone for your lovely messages, it means the world :-) @Linsey M no worries you couldn't make it. We recorded the event here: https://the-dots.com/projects/webinar-recording-how-to-start-a-business-use-the-dots-to-grow-it-with-founder-pip-jamieson-446268 - I hope you enjoy!
  • Unfortunately missed this, how do I find out about the next one? I'd love to hear @Pip Jamieson chat about that! Thank you :)
    I'm new here and am getting to grips with using it, so far its been very helpful with directing me to the free events. Now I need to post more and grow my Dots network.
  • Amaaaazing stuff. Couldn't be more relevant for what we're doing now. the Superhuman product market fit thing was a great tip off
  • @Tony Mulvahil I think sometimes, for me at least, there's an expectation to be on the same wavelength and see things the same way, rather than learning and accepting the differences first. So I definitely agree that being open and honest is actually very valuable!
  • @Kirsty Ho there was certainly plenty of honesty today. It's really important to have different point of views, but you need to be open and honest about your differences.
  • Loved the honest talk today! For me it was surrounding myself with people who are not only supportive and encouraging, but also work with people who have the skills that I lack, and lack the skills that I have to avoid clashing heads!
  • Loved hearing the tips on how to grow on The Dots! A really friendly, straightforward webinar
  • I really appreciated the guidance Pip gave us in using The Dots to our advantage when setting up our own business. She's so lovely
  • Thank you @Pip Jamieson for sharing your journey and insights. So refreshing to hear such an honest account and practical advise.
  • The lunchtime webinar left me feeling positively buoyant after a gentle backside kick. Having had everything cancelled (again!) for the foreseeable, today I have been thinking about how to diversify in the face of constant changes. Thank you

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