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This series is for the future makers by the future makers. Conversations with people who are fundamentally creating the future of their sectors and industries using the powerful Boom! Operating System of Unblock, Unlock, Unleash.

We’ll hear their challenges, their pain, their struggles and successes and truly understand what it means to create real future impact and lasting change.

“Creative talent is hard to find”. “Why won’t brilliant creatives work in my office?” “The future of work is too complicated”.
Pip Jamieson is someone who has dedicated her life to creating the future of work, building the world’s greatest community of creatives, ambitious brands and agencies.

Hear as we breakdown Pip's challenges, her inspiration and how she’s made the future of work a reality.
Pip will be interviewed by Scott Morrison, founder of the Boom!



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 - Boom! Sessions. Unblock, Unlock, Unleash with Dots founder, Pip JamiesonLondon, United Kingdom