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Learn how to work with variable fonts + how to create kinetic typographic animations for websites on this creative, go-at-your-own-pace course. In this 6-hour, flexible course, SuperHi has produced a series of projects all about getting weird with type.

You'll learn how to add variable fonts to your websites, plus how to animate and make them interactive. You'll also work with P5.js, a Javascript library for creative coding, to bend and mould typography.

You'll also create your very own kinetic typography animations from scratch, be able to add them to websites and make them user-interactive.

What you'll learn

  • How to add variable typography to websites and change it
  • How to add CSS animations and transitions to web type
  • Working with P5.js within an in-browser canvas, even if you've never coded before
  • How to think about and create your own kinetic typography animations from scratch
  • How to let your users change and interact with your beautiful kinetic type animations
  • How to break apart typography into its base components to rework it completely

Who is the course for?

Anyone who wants to learn how to work with variable typography or create their own interactive, kinetic typography from scratch.

This is a beginner course when it comes to page transitions, though we would recommend basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and a bit of Javascript before starting. If you don’t have this just yet, trying our Learn To Code Now book, or taking either our Foundation HTML, CSS + JS course or our Javascript for Designers course will help you feel as prepared as possible.

What do I need?

A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with the latest version of Chrome installed and a broadband internet connection. That’s it!

IMPORTANT: Sign up for the course via this link here


Attendees — 92

Experimental Typography For The Web