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Regardless of how connected you believe you are through internet, Social Media and so on, without the right mindset and communication skills that will allow you to build rapport, trust and to really understand people, you are going to struggle in today’s business environment and life in general.

Connecting is about going beyond the superficial and allowing yourself to be present in your honesty and vulnerability. Jose Ucar talks about understanding how communication works, changing your perception of any interaction with another person by walking a mile or two in their shoes and also learning how to learn from other people’s excellence.

It is said that 80% of your success is down to your communication skills, so think for a moment what you could achieve, what your life and/or business would be like if you were able to build successful and long-lasting connections with people, whether customers, prospects, partners, advocates, followers, work colleagues and even family and friends.

Join this session with Jose and Let’s Connect!


Jose Luis Ucar
Jose is all about creating and building strong human connections through the power of Advanced Communication and Public Speaking Skills. His background is a combination of International Business, Marketing, NLP, Coaching and Public Speaking. He is also a TEDx Speaker, strong networker in the London area and a lovely person to learn from and spend time with.
Life for him started in Venezuela, where he was born. Jose began his travels when he was 16 years of age, being propelled by an incredible desire to learn new languages, meet new people and see the world.
Since then, he has been to many countries presenting on behalf of the Businesses he used to work for and delivering trainings on Communication and Public Speaking.

This event will be hosted online (Livestream) due to safety considerations, please check out the "Preparation" section on the bottom of this page. Registered participants will be notified in advance of this program with information on how to log in to the event.


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