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Silk St, EC2Y 8DS - London, United Kingdom

Organised by Barbican Centre

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A glimmer of light. An empty stage. As the silence breaks, a one-off performance begins for you alone. For the next 30 minutes, the Barbican Theatre is all yours.

Our atmospheric auditorium has been dark for months. Except for a solitary light, traditionally kept burning after hours to appease ghosts and celebrate the enduring nature of theatre. Now, as we reopen our Theatre doors, we invite you to share the moment with an artist who performs a short piece, anything from comedy to drama, dance to poetry, just for you. Could be rowdy or reflective, grand or intimate, classic or contemporary. You’ll only know once you’ve taken your seat.

Experience the spontaneity and thrill of The Ghost Light. Each show plays live on the day illuminated by the simplest glow. We’re also filming a selection to be made available free on YouTube for digital audiences to enjoy at home from December.


Attendees — 29

 - The Ghost Light – enter the ticket lottery hereLondon, United Kingdom