19 Reflections

Initially a point of research, this series of interviews and discussions soon became a project within itself. The gold, letter-pressed quotes are juxtaposed by the lightweight, inexpensive newsprint, encouraging the audience to think about the value of the object: letterpress being such a precious and time-consuming practice on newsprint, a very disposable material. The pull-quotes are not only a symbol of value but also signifies a running theme throughout their work or their philosophy on the subject matter of sustainability within design. I have my reasons for choosing the people I interviewed, which may or may not be evident through my questions or their responses, and there are definitely others that I would have liked to speak with. There have been edits from the original recordings and transcriptions to enable the text to read easier, and through dialogue between the interviewees and the interviewer, some parts have been edited or discounted. Though there are some questions that were common to all interviews, I tried to keep a sense of individualism, thoroughly researching each individual to the best of my ability before personalising and sculpting certain questions specifically for that person. This was to create more of an understanding of fragments of their lives that have got them to where they are today and therefore understand their views on the broader subject matter.