2020 the year voting got weird

  • Keren Gomez Leon
  • Alexey Kandinsky
  • Resh Sidhu

A campaign of Empathy and Weirdness for Biden. How Votey McVoterson and friends helped tip the scales in the 2020 US election.

There has never been a year like 2020. And there will never be a Presidential Election like the one we just had. We were engaged by Biden For President for an unusual ask, to motivate an apathetic and rattled public to vote in the midst of a pandemic while educating them on all the strange new voting options available.

We approached the task from a place of Empathy our solution was two-fold. Be empathetic and be different.
We fought the same-ness of political messaging and the strangeness of the times by getting a little weird and bringing a lot of joy.
We created a diverse suite of edu-tainment bursting with playful characters, humor and charm to hold focus, subside fears, and spread good vibes. In total, we produced 700+ original assets in just seven weeks.
2020 had the highest voter turnout since 1908. Our work helped to swing Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania with the highest youth voters in history . Together with Biden for President we changed voting and made history.