2022 in a nutshell

  • Geoffrey Bunting

Starting exactly a year ago today (Dec 15), I moved from focussing on book design to becoming a freelance journalist. To mark my one year anniversary as a journalist, I'm going to wrap up all the features I worked on this year in one neat project.

Ars Technica
How the PS5’s DualSense controller is failing disabled players

The Cricketer
The danger of Joe Clarke's redemptive arc

Daily Art Magazine
Tokyo thrift: japonisme and the Japanese Bauhaus

The Daily Beast
James Marsden has had an incredible year
‘She-Hulk’ was soulless garbage, but it didn’t have to be
Why are we ignoring the disturbing allegations against ‘Squid Game’ star Lee Jung-jae?
Disney has made ‘Star Wars’ burnout unavoidable

Digital Spy
Netflix's Little Women isn't a good remake, but it is a great show

Games of 2022: Pentiment is the year's best balancing act
Understanding the pull of undemanding games
Why don’t we talk more about cognitive accessibility?
A look at this October's Games Accessibility Conference
Modern Warfare 2’s open beta demonstrates Activision’s accessibility negligence

Ranking mystery games by how much detective work you actually get to do
A TMNT Newbie Ranks Shredder’s Revenge Characters Based on the Vibes
I named and rated all the cats in Ghostwire: Tokyo

The Full Toss Blog
England wrong on Joe Clarke

How much does From Software crunch?
The birthplace of Nintendo

Gaming Bible
Tech isn't the only thing stopping Sony emulating the PlayStation 3

Review of OlliOlli World (print only)
Elden Ring makes me wish From Software would do something else

Why Sony (probably) won’t emulate the PlayStation 3

You need to watch the best Korean sci-fi show on Amazon Prime ASAP
Six questions All of Us Are Dead needs to answer in season 2
Six questions Squid Game needs to answer in season 2
School’s out for the apocalypse (All of Us Are Dead preview)

Into the Spine
Things I cannot change

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is autistic representation at its best and its worst

The Radio Times
Netflix’s ‘Little Women’ isn’t just anonther adaptation
Netflix's Extraordinary Attorney Woo is breaking the mould, here's why

Rock Paper Shotgun
Making Souls games accessible isn't the same as making them easy

UX Collective
There’s no such thing as a good bidding site

Ahead of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's release, I actually decided to “catch ’em all” – and now I hate myself
I hated Elden Ring, but in trying to find something to love I accidentally platinumed it

The Washington Post
For disabled gamers, ‘The Last of Us Part I’ remake is worth $70

In My Loneliest Hours, Persona 5 Reminded Me of Friendship
The fate of video game preservation is in your hands
Historical games have promise but only if they’re honest