A Game Of Two Halves

  • Dean G Moore
Commissioned by Chevrolet in conjunction with MoFilm.

“All around the building, people were spreading hatred and firing shells. People were killing each
other. But this was a place filled with dreams. The dreams born in the heads of those boys”.

Between 1992 until 1995 Bosnia was at war. An internal war fought by several factions, which divided the country. The blooded war pitted neighbours of different ethnic background against one another. During this bloodshed, there was a glimmer of hope for the children of Serejevo, that light in the dark- ness was Predrag Pasic. Predrag grew up in Bosnia a place that was peaceful and multi-ethical diversity.

He was a professional footballer playing for Sarajevo FC and Yugoslavia national football team.
During the war Predrag stayed in Sarajevo risking his own life to open a multi-ethnic football school. His aim for the school was to teach children of all backgrounds a philosophy of unity and teamwork through sport. In his own words he created a “wonderful place during the war”.

Game of Two Half’s is an observational documentary looking at the positives effects football has had on a once divided city. Powered by multiple voiceover the film firstly establishes how Predrag’s school educated and taught a generation of young footballer how to respect one another regardless of their religion, race or ethnicity. The film also shows the passion the people of Serejevo have for football regardless of their situation.