A journey into fantasy

The following is my final design project of my Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Brighton.
The objective of this project was to rehouse an existing University of Brighton Library of Arts. My greatest inspiration for the library proposal was children’s books and the world of fantasy so typical for the illustrations encountered in those. I began the development of my project by analyzing the famous fantasy worlds known from classic novels and what elements they have in common and following I tried to answer the question of how could I transform those abstract ideas into architecture.
The story that I particularly focused on was ‘Alice in the Wonderland’, and i payed special attention towards the transition into fantasy that the author describes.
I then specified the three main elements:
The Fall
The Point Of Decision Making
The Enchanted Garden
I strongly believe the same pattern can be translated into any student’s life: A surprising and possibly scary beginning, a tough decisions to make on the way and a dream world, which is out final destination.