A new programme.

  • Kennedy Procter
  • Louise Thompson
The last few years has seen the NABS team embark on an exciting period of change, and this rebrand is the culmination of this transformation. More people are using our services than ever before and we are having more conversations across our industry than at any point in our long history.
To help secure the engagement of future generations of NABS supporters, we are relaunching the NABS Ambassadors Programme.
We’re looking for people who care about the wellbeing of their colleagues and important industry issues to help spread the word about NABS and the work we do.
These will be people who are naturally interested in:
  • Improving your organisation and the industry from the inside
  • Helping their colleagues make the most of NABS’ services, such as our Advice Line, grants and career coaching
  • Encouraging your company to get involved in NABS events
  • Being a voice for their colleagues in adland
“Our ‘Who Cares?’ campaign aimed at recruiting the next generation of NABS Ambassadors aims to bring to light important issues facing our industry and to provoke a response from those who want to address issues around workplace wellbeing. We want to find the people in our industry who share our ambitions of creating a happier, healthier more productive workforce and want to play an active role in improving work life for them, their colleagues and the industry at large.” – Diana Tickell, NABS CEO


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